The Floof Hates Fireworks

For the first time this year, our neighborhood has been setting off fireworks, and this has been going off for most of two weeks.

Tundra hates them.  He whines and paces and tips over every water dish in the house.  Repeatedly.

Then he whines because he’s thirsty, and if you fill the dish again he’ll drink… and then tip it over.

It has been hugely aggravating.  Comforting him doesn’t help, running fans or music loudly doesn’t help, walking him outside so he could see them didn’t help.  Distracting treats only work for ten or fifteen minutes.  Cuddling for bed doesn’t help.

But, oddly enough, everybody getting up and going in the basement helps.

He calmed down, even laid down, and while you could still hear fireworks it was muted.

So we spent part of last night sitting in the basement for the worst of the fireworks.

What do you do to help your pets with fireworks?  Do you have any tricks?  Inquiring minds want to know!


4 thoughts on “The Floof Hates Fireworks

  1. Rescue Remedy helped Jacob when he was stressing over Thunderstorms.

  2. We have a major issue with fireworks where I live in Jersey. The neighborhood behind us houses some not so savory people that think its cool to let off commercial grade fireworks in an area full of pine trees. Our trick since we were fostering puppies at the time, call the police. If they go out enough times then the neighbors will stop. Of course they will continue with the smaller, legal stuff but the big boomers will stop allowing your animals to relax. Or you can try what our neighbor does and scream at the people until your blue in the face but this has proven not to work.

    1. I think they were setting them off in the baseball field about eight blocks from us, so at least they weren’t risking setting anything on fire! I’m just not motivated enough to go over and yell at them, and it seemed like calling the police was overkill. Tundra did calm down once we were in the basement, and that trick has worked a couple times now. We have good neighbors generally, so I was willing to give them some leeway. Still, glad that’s stopped for the year!!!

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