Mealworms, Mealworms Everywhere!

This last winter, we fed the birds because the snow got a bit crazy, and I was worried the little feathered mooches would die.

So we bought a bag of sunflower seeds and a bag of mealworms.

We eventually used up the sunflower and stopped feeding them.  I stashed the mealworm bag under my desk where the dog couldn’t reach it and forgot about them.

Until I was listening to a YouTube video and tapping my bare feet under the desk.

And meal worms POURED all over my feet and the floor.

I’m not scared of them, but the feeling just about made me levitate out of my seat.  They’re freeze dried, so it’s not like they were moving but YUCK.

So we swept those up and poured most back into the bag and the rest outside for the birds.

I’ve been finding them for most of two weeks, the odd mealworm here or there, lying forgotten.

Seriously.  YUCK.

What do you feed your birds?  Do you use mealworms?  We used to have live ones for our hedgehogs, but now I just buy freeze dried.  Inquiring minds want to know!

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