We Rescued A Kitten… From A Deer?

So, this is kind of my husband’s story, but he gave me permission to post it on my blog.  My husband was driving to work early last week, when he saw a deer at the side of the road stomping on something.

He beeped his horn, the deer bolted, and he got out to check on whatever it was stomping.

It was a little black kitten, eyes still blue, just a baby.

So he brought it home, gave it a bath, gave it some milk and some licks of liverwurst, and he called me to ask what to do.

I suggested he bring it to my dad’s old boss, an elderly lady who lives nearby.

So he brought it over, and it turns out it was HER kitten!  His name is Mikey, and he had gotten loose, and she was SO worried about him.

My husband chatted with her for a while and left the kitten with her.

Kind of a happy ending?  My husband says he didn’t appear to be hurt.  So here’s to hoping Mikey has a long and well loved life!

Have you ever found a stray?  What did you do with it?  In Wisconsin, it’s my understanding that you can’t keep a stray.  You have to turn it in to a shelter or what not and then, if it isn’t claimed, then you can adopt it.

How does it work where you live?  We have Lost Dogs of Wisconsin as a major place to look for missing dogs.  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “We Rescued A Kitten… From A Deer?

  1. I wonder why a deer would do that?? So weird! In Florida, it seems like there are no rules. People actually steal other people’s dogs here! That are wearing ID tags and everything! I know two people who have had their dogs stolen! I think it must be because there are so many fancy toy breeds here in South Florida. They can cost upwards of $2,000!

    1. When we lived in Texas, someone stole our neighbors dog. We think ours was targeted, but she charged the fence when a guy came over and bit the snot out of him. No one reported the bites, and she was super proud of herself. She didn’t mind meeting people, but the back yard was HER space, and she highly objected to this dude! I was home so I heard her and got to see the dude going back over the fence with speed. :/ She was a purebred Malamute from a show kennel, but she had a white spot on the back of her neck so couldn’t show.

  2. Deer eat bird fledglings from the nest if they can catch them so it’s not unusual to see this deer looking for some extra protein to supplement her diet. Life in the wild can be cruel. If the car had not come along then the kitten would have been breakfast.

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