Goodbye Forester


Here’s our last photo of our three cars together.  My husband’s is the blue Subaru Legacy Sedan, my current car is the green Subaru Outback Wagon, and in the background is our sad Subaru Forester.

The SF generation of Subaru’s have problems with blowing head gaskets, which our lovely Forester did.  This was especially frustrating, because we asked the prior owner if the head gasket repair he had done was the aftermarket fix.  He thought it was, sure.

It wasn’t.

So we put the Forester for sale, and I bought a new car because it was cheaper than fixing the Forester.  It languished in a driveway for three months or so, and we finally got an offer.

We advised the guy he would need a trailer because it’s AWD, and he did bring one.

He was… skeevy.  He wanted to pay us part in cash, part in check.  (Big resounding NOPE to that.)  He said he only had half in cash, then he ‘checked with his wife’ and magically had all the cash.

He chattered constantly and made me very uncomfortable, but he took the Forester and we were paid.  They were real bills (we asked the bartender at a bar we go to regularly to check them with her pen.)

I had selling cars, but this was especially uncomfortable.

So, Goodbye Forester.  You were a sweet car.

Have you had to sell a car recently?  How did that go for you?  What tips or techniques do you have?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Forester

  1. Ugh – isn’t that the worst? The last time I sold a car to a person, I said never again. I’m willing to take the hit from selling it to CarMax. People are so skeevy!

    1. That’s a good idea… selling on the individual market has been pretty awful. This one wasn’t driveable, so we couldn’t be picky either. :/

  2. I love that like me, when one SUbaru goes, you get another Subaru. My wife and I just aquired the exact same Blue Forester from our family that just got a WRX and Ascent. I drive an 01 Outback. Its funny how it became a family collective.

  3. My husband works in the field in the winter, going into all sorts of driveways that may or may not be plowed – so he got a Subaru. And I liked his Subaru, so I got a Subaru. Now we’re each on our second Subaru. They’re good cars but expensive to fix. I really love the frameless windows too.

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