New Artwork – The Dancer

I’ve been playing more with the water color paints I just bought – I’ve decided that I prefer the Prang to the fancier ones because the fancier ones are grainy and don’t always mix well.  So boo at that set.

Anyway, here she is!  Color corrected on my computer because the scanner scans blueish:

IMG_20190811_0002 color correct resize

This is actually the second try at her.  I was drawing the pose from reference, and the first one was… rough when I painted it.

So I took the same pose and cartoonized it to make it look cuter.  I REALLY like how her face came out.

And my white gel pen arrived, can you tell?  *smile*

What do you think?  I’m struggling a bit with skin tones.  I intended hers to be much darker, but building up the watercolor takes FOREVER.  Suggestions?  Inquiring minds want to know!