I’ve discovered in shell salted peanuts, and I’m loving them.  I had never actually had them before, but we had them one night at my in-laws so I bought a bog.

Now, Tundra ADORES peanuts and peanut butter and peanut flavored anything.

So I tossed him a few (shelled) peanuts.

They bounced off his face, and he sniffed them but didn’t eat them.

I tried a few more times until they were all over, and then tossed one in shell to him.

He wasn’t interested.  I kept eating peanuts.

I might note that it was getting reaaally close to dinnertime, and he started to whine.  “It’s not time yet,” I told him.

And here’s the magic.

His little doggy mind put the peanuts and denied dinner into the thought that I was denying his dinner because he didn’t eat them.

So he hopped up, whining and shooting me sad eyes, and snarfed them all up in about two minutes flat.

Then he sat in front of his dish and pouted.

So, I gave him dinner.

I’m pretty sure that reinforced whatever he was thinking, but it was just too funny!  I don’t toss them to him anymore though.

What do you think he was thinking?  He probably thought I was a big ol’ meanie.  Are there foods your dogs won’t eat?  Tundra hates anything with vinegar in it – ketchup or pickles.  And soy sauce.  Inquiring minds want to know!