I go to bed pretty early which means my room is bright when I go to bed despite having curtains.

So I was cuddled with the husband and trying to fall asleep, and it was just. Not. Working.

I felt around on the shelf and couldn’t find my eye mask, meaning it probably fell behind the bed.

My husband sighed but got down on his hands and knees (I can’t do this) and used a broom to pull out one.



Four eye masks.

Thank you, honey, for getting these!

“How many of these do you have?” he muttered.

“Four,” I said and put one on.  The rest went onto my shelf.

Do you need special surroundings to sleep?  I need it to be dark and have a fan blowing on me.  Do you wear eye masks?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Eye Masks EVERYWHERE!

  1. I can’t sleep without a white noise machine. Too many years of window air conditioning units have made it impossible for me to sleep without that whirring noise!

    1. We sleep with a fan on high for the same reason. Only downside is that the dog sleeps nearest the fan and his fur blows over you periodically prompting the ‘OMG SPIDER’ reflex. At this point I think a spider could dance on my face without me actually opening my eyes to check that it isn’t dog hair.

  2. If you stick them in your pillow case they’ll always be on hand.

    1. I can’t find them in the morning…. usually they’ve fallen behind the bed. The shelf is right built into the wall corner right above my head so that’s easy to reach. 🙂

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