Puppy Pool Paddle 2019



This photo is a place holder from last year because, who’s the fool who forgot a camera this year?  Yeah, that would be me.

Tundra had a ton of fun, and my husband walked around following him to keep him out of trouble.  He was well behaved though!  Tundra can’t swim though, so he only went chest deep.

There was one altercation between an unfixed male and another male who took exception to being humped.  The offending dog and owner left, and I was a bit miffed.  Who brings an unfixed dog to something like this?

But Tundra was so good, and when he got tired he sat with me.  Of course someone’s dog pooped in the pool and it had to be fished out.  And another dog got bloody feet – owner said she’s always loose in the backyard on the grass so she doesn’t have callouses.

Tundra gets two walks a day through the neighborhood, about a mile each.  His feet were fine.  *smile*

But he wore himself out, and we left after about two hours.  He spent the rest of the day sleeping on our  new quilt.  (But that’s another story entirely!)

So thank you to the local animal shelter who sponsored this event!  We love it and Tundra does too!

Have you ever brought your pet to an event like this?  Do you have dogs that love swimming?  How did they learn?  Inquiring minds want to know!