Brand New Jean Quilt!


So I had an ex that I lived with for a while, and he had this amazing jean quilt his grandmother made for him.  I adored.

The relationship ended, and he, of course, kept the quilt.

I wanted one SO BADLY.

I saved my jeans for close to ten years, always meaning to make a quilt like it.

You know how that goes – I just ended up with a bag full of jeans.  I don’t like sewing enough to do a project like this.  So, when I met someone who does Memory Quilts (for those who had passed), I asked if she would be willing to make a quilt for me.

She said ‘of course!’ and ‘that will be $$$’, and I dropped off the supplies in June?  Or early July.  The total charge was $400 for her hours of work and supplies.

She brought it to us yesterday, and it’s GORGEOUS.


Isn’t it gorgeous?  Tundra wasn’t sure what he thought of the detergent she used on it and was kind of huffy, but I’m so happy with it!  (And I just realized you can see my bra in the photo, but whatever.)


It’s bigger than a King – she used as much of the fabric as possible.

What do you think?  What type of bedding do you like?  What type of environment do you need to sleep well?  I love a lot of weight in blankets, a cold room, and a fan blowing on me.  Would you like a quilt like this?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Brand New Jean Quilt!

  1. beautiful quilt. So glad you had it made. Tundra will eventually adapt to the smell.

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