Goodbye, Mariah. You are loved.

Today, my mom’s service dog, who had been declining in health, was unable to get up at all, even with help.

They had been assisting her with a sling we used to use to carry wood, but today she couldn’t do it.

Every time Mom left the room she was in she whined and chuffed and wooed for her, tried to pull herself to her, and it was heartbreaking to listen to.

She’s been in pain and losing function for a long while.  The only things that she seemed to interested in anymore were following Mom from room to room and her dinner.

The vets had nothing they could offer to help.  She’s just old and ailing and weak.  Tired, sweet old puppy.

So my parents had her put down.

Goodbye, Mariah.  You were a good girl, a good working dog, and you are loved so much.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mariah. You are loved.

  1. Thank you Renee. Although retired for 2 1/2 years Mariah still kept an eye on me. She was great as a Service Dog and I never fell when she was watching over me. I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl. Until then, run free, without pain. You were a great working dog.

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