When Paranoid End-of-the-World Purchases Do You Good

Those moments when your paranoid end-of-the-world purchases do you good.

We have successfully fixed our shower – the part was small, we ordered it off amazon, ten bucks.  We borrowed the allen wrenches to get to it, got it fixed, success!

All well and fine until my husband checked on the water in our basement and discovered that while water was no longer coming IN our walls, our water heater was leaking copiously from the bottom.

Cut water to the water heater, pulled breaker, and now we have nothing but excruciatingly cold water.

That was… Thursday of last week?

Our dishwasher wouldn’t work, so I pulled all the dishes in it, boiled water, and washed by hand in the sink.

That’s all and fine.

My dad and I went hot water heater shopping, and one was purchased, but thanks to the prior owner’s plumbing it is going to be a nightmare to install.

So that’s a weekend project.  For next weekend.

And while I showered at my parents’ on Sunday for work, it was time to shower again.  Even if I’m just staying home, yuck.

I didn’t want to shower at the parents’ again – their septic has failed.

So I had to get inventive.

It occurred to me that this was one of the things I had planned for in my end-of-the-world paranoid purchasing.

I bought this showering substitute, and it was stored in my closet.  Not an affiliate link.

AmazonSmile Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower Battery Powered - Compact Handheld Rechargeable Camping Showerhead - Pumps Water from Bucket Into Steady Gentle Shower Stream Sports Outdoors

One hot shower procured, sans hot water heater. I boiled water on the stove, poured it in a 5 gallon bucket, added cold water, and then used the hand held pump and shower sprayer to shower.


Can’t say my paranoia’s never helped me!  Between this and the beans-and-rice-only diet we’re eating, I’m pretty pleased with my past self.

How would you deal with a lack of hot water?  What solutions have you used in the past?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

2 thoughts on “When Paranoid End-of-the-World Purchases Do You Good

  1. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! This would be a great thing to have post-hurricane in Florida, when the power is out for a couple weeks. I want to get one now!

    1. It wasn’t terribly expensive, and it worked really well. We lived in Florida when I was little, Jacksonville, and I don’t miss the hurricanes in the least!

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