Welp, Guess We’re Replacing Those – Am I an Adult Now?

Cleaning the kitchen most recently, I picked up one of those trays under the burner, and my finger punched through it.

It was just a tad rusty.

A tad.


So, I went to the trusty I-don’t-want-to-drive-anywhere shopping resource… Amazon.

I was not only able to find the generic product, BUT I was able to find, from reading the comments, which of the types our stove uses.

They came to the door.

They fit.  Perfectly.


I can see I need to pop it out to clean underneath, but I was pleased as punch.

That I’m so happy about this… does this make me an adult?  *grin*

Silly small things that make me smile.

Hope you’re having as good of a day as I am!