First Peek at My Cover Illustration

I’ve been laying out what I want for a cover to my current novel, and I finally sat down last week and tried to paint it for the first time.

I expected to have to retry multiple times.

It turned out wonderfully the first time.

This is watercolor and colored pencil:

STILL WATER COVER 2019 10 17 Color Correct Lighter Resize

I had to color correct on the computer when I scanned because it was WAY lighter than the actual illustration.

I used expensive water color paper (~$2 a sheet!) and Prismacolor Pencils, but because I was expecting it to be a mock up, I’d only used Prang watercolors.

Yes, Prang.  The water colors you use in elementary school and get from Walmart.

So, it’s not light fast and will fade.  I’ll have to store it somewhere dark.

But isn’t it pretty?  I’m so proud of myself – I’m pretty sure this is one of the best pieces I’ve done.

What do you think?  Inquiring minds want to know!