Last of the Garden

I hadn’t been posting a lot about my garden because I’ve just been exhausted balancing life and work and kind of let it go.

The tomatoes went crazy with a bumper crop, but our flooding covered them so I didn’t feel it was wise to eat them.  Septics overflowed, water filled the sewers… the works.  So I had a few initial baskets but nothing past the flood.

But we were expecting a hard freeze at any point, so I hustled out to the higher end of the garden and went through what was still good.

LOTS of onions and leeks.  I planted them last year from seed and saw nothing, but this year, they popped out of the garden in droves.

I looked over the ‘herb’ garden, and there’s a ton of basil and mint, but I want it to self seed so I let it go for this year.  We’ll see how much comes up in the spring.

The blackberry grew TONS of new canes, so that’s something to look forward to!

It was kind of a disappointing year for the gardening.  I really wish I had put more time into it because it could have been a good year.  We’ll see how things go with getting a new job.

The one thing I DID like was growing things from seed under my grow light.  A packet of seeds is way cheaper than buying the plants, and I got to see greenery and signs of spring while there was still snow on the ground.  Encouraging when it seems like winter will never end.

How did your garden go this year?  What do you like to grow?  What grows best in your area?  Did you have to deal with flooding as well?  Inquiring minds want to know!