Interesting Things Just for You: Royalty Soaps

I’m not much of a soap fan – I don’t find the process very interesting, and there’s a limited set of smells I like – cloves and mint being the big ones.

I do like Zum soaps, especially their ends assorted boxes.  Their soaps are pretty and smell strongly (a good thing!).  My husband likes using them for hand washing.

Examples of their scents:

Shop By Scent - Exclusives

Just not a soap fan though.

That was…

Until I ran into THIS CHANNEL on Youtube.

_6 Royalty Soaps - YouTube

Royalty Soaps are a brother and sister who make an imaginative and delightful assortment of specialty soap bars.

They’re quirky and fun to listen to, and they make it look so easy!  They use proper safety gear and move quickly while they’re working, but they chatter at the camera while they’re doing it, and they’re just adorable.

Even my husband liked their sense of humor.

They just finished a set of mystery themed soaps – they make a soap and give a hint, then the next soap and give another hint.  It’s so fun!

Do you like soaps?  What are your favorite scents?  Are there any brands you prefer?  Do you make soap because I’d love to hear about it.  Inquiring minds want to know!