House Cleaning Is Like Tetris

Creatives will probably know what I mean (and most folks have one for bills), but I had enough energy this last week that I tackled THE Pile of Artwork (and hand written fiction) from my younger years.

There was much groaning as I went through it because, wow, awful Fanfiction and Fanart galore!

I started out cleaning up everything in that corner of the house, putting my art supplies away on their shelves, sorting books, emptying a box of unfiled paperwork from 2012, all that.  I even sorted my writing books.  No before pictures, sadly.

When I finished with the paperwork, I moved a new file cabinet into that spot and put my huge box of printer paper on top.

I go through a LOT of printer paper.

But in this photo, you can see there’s still a stack of loose paper on the shelf to the right.


I sorted it by time period, story, or location, whatever I felt would make it easiest to find again, and filed it in the new file cabinet.

I even flagged stuff that I felt I should try doing again because the idea was sound or the first try was good.  Anything that motivated me to try again in the future.

Here you can see I’m still using my ‘white board’.


Here, I’ve put all my cookbooks where the stack of paper was:


It was two days and close to four hours of work, giving a guesstimate.

And the finished product!  I have a few Christmas gifts sitting on top of my printer paper now.


Look at all that empty desk space!

And you can see that I have a million binders.  The ones in this area are mostly for Holly Lisle’s classes.  (NOT an affiliate link, but if you want to buy something I’ll make one for you, and we’d both benefit!  *smile*)  The ones with my novels are in a different set of shelves.

What do you think?  *smile*  I’ll talk more about the writing I do later this week.

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