Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Out into the wild blue yonder.

Not me though. My parents’ husky, Jo.

This goofball sitting next to our Tundra:

20180827_114558 (1)

Jo is a cat hunter.

My dad was trying to put him out, and there was a cat on the porch, and Jo barreled through the door and took off menacing the cat.

Dad goes after him in the dark, up the dry gulch.

Mom called me for help.

I was just finishing my pizza and was half a cider into my evening, but I drove over and we tried to catch him.

When I got there, he ran RIGHT PAST me, but I had buckled in and couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.

He took off into the cattle field and the barn back there. We did learn, thankfully, that he is entirely disinterested in cattle or calves.  The cows were noisy but mellow over all.

My husband arrived with Tundra as bait.

The neighbors turned on their lights to see what the hubbub is.

Jo appeared and menaced a cat under the neighbor’s car.  Dad chased him around the car several times.

The neighbors stepped out to talk to us, and his dogs ran to the door.  Jo ran up to greet them, and we finally caught his furry self.  There were greetings between the dogs, apologies to the neighbors, and then dad started walking Jo back to the house.

I drove dad’s car back, dropped off the keys, and then walked back towards my car, passing dad.

My husband appeared, dropped me off at my car, and I drove back to my parents’ house.  My husband and Tundra headed home.

Then we began trying to clean Jo up. He was COVERED all the way up to his stomach in cow pie that had frozen in little spikes.

So that, as you can imagine, was fun.  I was filthy when we got the most of it off, and it took three people and multiple buckets and rags to accomplish that.

Then I went home. An hour or so later, my parents called – where are the van’s keys?

So went over on Sunday to search for keys.  Dad finally found them in my mom’s coat pocket.

So, yeah.  How was your Saturday night?  I’m hoping not nearly as exciting!


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  1. You should probably copy this to the IAMRA page. It makes for a great story. Thank you so much for all the help.

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