Interesting Things Just for You: Shayda Campbell YouTuber

Today I want to share with you my current YouTuber obsession!

shaydacampbell youtube

Shayda Campbell has a page where she works on making stylistic flowers and leaves and other pretty things.  They are not photo-realistic or anything of the sort – just pretty!

I’ve mentioned her before, but I’ve really been heavily watching her lately.  Not everything she has is up my alley, but she posts so frequently that I usually find something fun to watch.

She’s been on YouTube ~4 years ago according to the oldest videos I could find in her feed.

She’s mellow and pleasant to listen to, and her emphasis on ‘perfectly imperfect’ drawing makes things less intimidating.

You’ve seen me make this Autumn Wreath project already:

shaydacampbell 02

Although my results aren’t as nice:


And this is the project I’m looking at practicing next:

shaydacampbell 01

She’s just really relaxing to listen to and feels very forgiving of mistakes so her projects aren’t intimidating like some of the (admittedly gorgeous) water color artists on YouTube.

What type of YouTubers do you enjoy watching? I love anything that teaches how to do something or is educational.  For us, YouTube has replaced TV!  Are there any channels you would suggest?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*