Washi Tape Cuteness!

So, I recently discovered that Washi tape is a thing – thank you, Japan!  And it’s ridiculously cheap for how pretty it is.

I splurged on my personal spending money for this set:


I usually buy books with my pittance, but this time I couldn’t resist.

And look how pretty it is!!!  These all come from the same set, even the skinny ones.  The tape was printed on wide rolls and cut between patterns to keep it clean.  So there’s a skinny half and half piece between each two rolls.

I’ve been using it in my bullet journal to pretty it up a little, but I’m not really interested in sharing that, sorry.  Everyone has their names written in it, and I try not to use anyone’s names but my own.

It is almost halfway full, which I’m proud of though.

Have you been using Washi tape?  What types of patterns do you like?  I prefer anything that looks like watercolors.  What type of uses do you imagine for it?  Do you bullet journal?  What system do you use?  Are you interested in seeing mine (with redactions)?Inquiring minds want to know!