Bake ALL the Pies~!

I might have gotten a bit ahead of myself.

For Thanksgiving this year I was in charge of Cranberries and making pies for my wheat allergic self.

Cranberries, no problem.  I make them frequently, often stocking up on cranberries and freezing them after Thanksgiving so I can have them when they aren’t in season.

Pies, I’ve made a couple Keto pumpkin pies, but this time I wanted to make them just like Dad does, minus the crust.  He always doubles the spices, and I love them that way – store bought pies are so bland in comparison.

So I borrowed pie tins from Dad, bought supplies, and went at it.

The pie cans each stated they made two pies, and I had two cans, so I expected four pies.  Mixed everything up, sprayed pie tins, dusted with gluten free flour so they wouldn’t stick, and starting portioning it out.

And ladling.

And ladling.

It became immediately apparent that I had a problem.

In the end, I filled four tins and all my ramekins and set one pie aside to freeze.  All the pies and ramekins JUST BARELY fit in our counter convection oven.

The finished pies on my stove:


It got a little out of hand.

They were delicious though, and only three pies made it to Thanksgiving dinner!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?  Do you have any from relatives that you love?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Bake ALL the Pies~!

  1. This year, my sister and sister-in-law are both gluten free and dairy free. So instead of the usual 50-60% of the food being ok for me, it was like *95%* ok for me! Like, there was one pan of brownies that wasn’t gf/df. So I had turkey and salad and potatoes like normal, but also stuffing and bread and gravy, and THREE KINDS OF PIE. (well, not all at once, but eventually, I tried them all!)
    In related news, I really need to go back on keto. ughhhhh.

    1. That’s wonderful! My husband has had a lot of his eating restrictions lifted – they think they know why he is so sick – and got to eat whatever he wanted for Thanksgiving. 🙂

      I have to get back on Keto too. When I lost my job we cut back and started only eating from food stores which are mostly rice, beans, and frozen veggies along with eggs since they’re so cheap. But it’s not doing my weight any good, and the med I’m taking now has diabetes as a side effect. So, back on the wagon! 🙂

  2. Now that’s a lot of pies! I made a sweet potato pie (my mother’s favorite but my first time making it) and it turned out so great! I don’t really cook, so I was thrilled! I used the Neely’s sweet potato pie recipe I found online. Next year, I’m going to try doubling the spices – that sounds even better.

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