Swatching My Christmas Present!

My brother gifted me these 60 Ohuhu Markers (company site) for Christmas, and of course the first thing I did one Christmas Day was swatch them.  I took a cut up mailing label, swatched on it, and then stuck it to the markers with a bit of extra tape for the edges so they don’t fall off or peel up.


And while I was swatching them, I pulled some of my other markers that have been stagnating on my art shelves and swatched them too!

I have a set of color Prismacolor Markers and a Grey Tone set.  Some were dry, so I tossed them out, but I swatched the rest:


When I went to UW Madison, there was an art section in their bookstore, and for the years that I was there, every time I bought books I would grab a few Copic Markers.  I say a few because they’re NOT cheap, but they really are the best ones I’ve used.

So, I swatched them too:


And a set I collected for skin tones:


And then the remnants from a set I tried to do a Webcomic for, these NeoPiko markers:


I’m not going to lie; it took me a good hour and a half to do this, but it’s very helpful when the colors on the cap don’t actually match the color it marks.

And here they all are:


So, you know the next item on my agenda: trying them out!

Do you use sketch markers?  What’s your favorite set?  Or do you prefer another medium?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*