Interesting Things Just for You: BananaJamana!

I enjoy watching YouTube videos on doing artwork, and I came across this gem lately: BananaJamana or Jamie Jo.

youtube bananajamana

She creates gorgeous artwork, often Disney or Nintendo related, but she’s also charming and funny.  I originally came across her ‘Painting – How to Mix SKIN TONES‘ video.

Her ‘Why It Sucks to be an Online Artist‘ made me smile, and her ‘I’m Not Sorry‘ video made me reassess how often I say ‘I’m sorry’ and make myself small or try to disappear, often apologizing for things that are completely ridiculous.

Seriously.  Completely ridiculous things to apologize for.

She’s soft spoken, and in one video she talks about how difficult it is for her to speak to others at all, so I really appreciate the effort she puts into her videos.

If you have a moment, I would strongly suggest checking her out!

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