ITJFU: Trenton & Heath Shoe Repairs

Every so often, the powers that be on YouTube suggests something that is both interesting to watch and so chill that it’s a breath of air after a long day.

(Previously it was a painting restoration specialist, and I’m not sure I’ve linked to him – I’ll have to check.)

Currently, it’s Trenton & Heath‘s shoe restoration channel:

youtube trenton & heath

These two are masters of their skills, and it shows.

I especially enjoy their videos repairing work done poorly by other cobblers.  This is neat because we get both an explanation of what was done wrong but also why it’s wrong.  This is fascinating to me.  And then you get to see the repair which is just plain fun to watch!

They put SUCH fine detail on their work, just little additions that show they’re professionals at what they do and they love doing it.

Also, they take mailed in shoes for repair!  Very cool, and something I’ll keep in mind.

Do you have any Zen channels you like to watch to relax?  Have you had any experience making or repairing shoes?  Inquiring minds want to know!