Navigating Public vs Private Spaces – How Does That Work?

This is a blog, and there are no restrictions on who can see it, so it’s obviously a public space.

My life with my husband and puppy is not visible on the Internet unless I post about it, so it’s a private space.

The problem is when I post publicly what’s going on in my private spaces.

I put a lot of thought into what I can and can’t post before I started.

  • I don’t generally post about my husband’s health – he doesn’t like it.  At all. There were a few previous posts, and he asked me not to post more.  Fair.
  • I don’t post names of anyone but myself.  I haven’t asked if I can post about them.
  • I don’t post photos with faces visible except my own.  (And Tundra’s.  He’s a dog.  He doesn’t care.)  I haven’t asked if I can share their photos.
  • I don’t post other people’s drama.  I don’t want to be involved in it, and I don’t want you involved in it.  No one needs to be involved in it.
  • I only post stories about me and my life as seen through my eyes.
  • I screen comments.
  • I have a no sex, no religion, no politics policy.  I am not an expert at any of these, and I want my blog to be accessible to all people at all ages if they want to visit.

This can be limiting because how much exciting stuff happens in my week?  Not a lot.

But I feel, very strongly, that I need to set these limitations and boundaries around my world.  It’s hurtful if I post about my husband’s personal business.  It’s uncomfortable to see yourself posted about by someone else, especially without warning.

Drama is drama and has nothing to do with me or my ‘brand’.  Same with sex, religion, and politics.  I’m an author, not an expert, and I write Young Adult fiction.  I feel these are NOT okay subjects to talk about.

On top of age issues, posting about religion or politics is divisive, no matter how you look at it.

I don’t want to be divisive.

You don’t come to my page to be offended or hurt.  That’s not the experience I want you to have.

I want to have readers, and how can that happen if I drive portions of them off by posting divisive material?  And why would I post ‘off brand’?  You’re here because you know me or you’re interested in my writing (I hope!).

And sex as a topic is a big NOPE.  I write Clean and Sweet fiction.  That means no sex, no drugs, no swearing, and no gratuitous violence.  That’s my promise to the reader.

Of course, if you read a novel or story I write and don’t like it, that’s divisive, but that’s okay.  That’s you, as a reader, deciding on your own if you will follow me or not.  That’s your judgment call, based on your likes and dislikes, not mine.

And I screen comments.


Because this is my space, and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable visiting.  Think of it as having a party at your own house.  If someone’s is being nasty, you send them home because it’s YOUR HOUSE and YOUR PARTY.

So, if you’re attacking someone here, this is the wrong space for you.

I know there’s a ton of bloggers out there, and I’m curious – what boundaries do you set up around what you post?  How do you decide a topic is okay for your blog… or isn’t?  Inquiring minds want to know!