Thoughtful Presents

We had our local Chili Cook-Off recently, and it’s always followed by an auction to raise money for Church events.  There’s a pie and cake auction and a general auction.  I can’t eat most pies or cakes (wheat!) but I usually at least look at the auction items.

This year, I didn’t attend, but my mom was thinking of me!

She bought this:

DSCN4328 resize

It’s a handmade, cute little seat for putting your shoes on at the door with a storage area under the lid for hats and gloves and a storage area below for shoes.  I like that the top section has a air hole for helping things dry:

DSCN4329 resize

The bottom section has a lot of space:

DSCN4330 resize

It’s so cute!  We had a folding chair sitting there before, but this is a little taller and much nicer.

Now my shoes won’t take up all of the hall, and Tundra won’t be able to fling them everywhere when he runs laps around the house.

What do you do to wrangle your shoes-by-the-door problem?

One thought on “Thoughtful Presents

  1. The Chili Cook Off is to raise money to send our local children on a Mission Trip each summer. All of the money raised is to help pay for the Mission Trip for rural kids who normally don’t get to go even out of state. In past years they have gone to Montana to an Indian Reservation to help paint houses, repair decks and put on siding on homes. Or to Kentucky to help with flood damage to homes, or to another state to help the elderly fix their homes, even doing yard work that they can no longer do. The Youth Group also helps people locally who are in need. Very worthwhile cause. The Italian Cream Cake that I bid on went for over $70 and well worth it. I shared it with the church the next Sunday. And my Chili won first place for regular Chili. I wasn’t even trying to win. LOL. I hope the kids have a great mission trip this coming summer.

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