Glow-in-the-Dark Items Are Eminently Superior

See this creepy light in my closet?

Let me explain: I ordered some pots recently to start plants in.  I wanted to give more room for the plants to grow and not have to re-pot them multiple times before they went outdoors.

Oddly enough, the blue and white pots were the same price, so I chose blue because my husband likes the color.

BUT!  I read through it one more time before I clicked ‘buy’.

It turned the blue ones GLOW IN THE DARK, so OF COURSE I chose them over the plain white ones!

They sit under a grow light, so they are exceedingly bright for the half hour or so after I turn off the light.

A peek at our closet:

DSCN4353 resize

A close up:

DSCN4354 resize

In fact, they’re bright enough to read the tags I put on them!

DSCN4356 resize

So they’re fun, and they gently light up our bedroom until they fade each night.  We have the grow set up in a walk-in closet since our house lacks floor space and the basement is just too cold to start plants.

(Also, when I had them in the basement it looked like I was summoning aliens with the light leaking out!)

What type of potting and/or grow set up do you have for spring?  I forced myself to wait this year and only start plants in March instead of December like last year.  What do you think of the pots?  I’d LOVE to see your plants!  *smile*  Inquiring minds want to know!