You Knew I Couldn’t Resist: Baker Creek Seed Order #2!

I received my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog several months ago and ordered then, but it turned out I forgot to order any tomatoes!

So, you KNOW what this lead to.

I made another order!

Here are the tomatoes I picked:

DSCN4357 resize

I ordered three types of tomatoes and saved three glow-in-the-dark pots for them, but this time the free seed packet was tomatoes too, so I’m torn.  Should I order more glow-in-the-dark pots?

I like the Atomic Grape tomatoes and have drooled over them for several years.  This year, I went for it!  I also bought the type I grow every year AND the Blue Berries because the purple is SO CUTE.

I’m glad the freebie is a grape tomato because they’re my preferred type.

I’ll have some fun with my garden this year!

For the rest of the order, I checked on some items I wanted to purchase that had been out of stock when I tried.

DSCN4358 resize

The mint, you would expect from me.  It’s a very well-reviewed type, especially for teas, that I don’t have yet.

The Horehound was spur of the moment because it looks like you can make candy out of it!

And the pink dandelions are for pure hilarity.  Unlike yellow ones, this Chinese variety is not nearly so invasive and can be contained to pots pretty easily.  (Or so the description claims.)

Have you started planting this year?  What varieties have you picked our?  What plants are your go-to-favorites?  Inquiring minds want to know!