Shelter at Home VS. Elder Dragons

It’s an understatement to say we’ve all been a little stressed lately.  I had been camping this site, watching the numbers climb, and generally freaking out.  (As a side note, the website was created by a 17 year old programmer who taught himself to program.  Way to go!)

Today’s numbers:


It was obsessive, and I was checking hourly.

My husband had enough of my despairing slothing around and declared we would play Guild Wars 2 and fight elder dragons instead.  We downloaded the game and bought the expansions.

We stopped playing around 2015, so there were a LOT of changes.  MANY more maps, a glider (which, THANK YOU, because when I fall in a game it flips my stomach in real life – the glider has been much easier), and a mount.

The sign in password I had was no longer any good because I hadn’t had two step verification authorized/completed when that was enacted.  So, I had to email IT requesting help.  Considering everyone is sheltering at home, I was pleased that it only took about a day for a Dev to get back to me.  Thank you, DM Donut Dragon at Guild Wars 2 Support!

I logged in, and we’ve been playing pretty heavily on our main characters.

My main character:

gw178 crop

The white spots on her coat are actually wings:

gw180 crop

And from behind:

gw181 crop

The coat is from the Council Watch Armor set, described here.  I later bought a MUCH stronger armor and transmuted the Council Watch skin over it because I loved it so much.

I’m saving heavily for the Kudzu Longbow skin, found here.  It’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive, like 2200 gold, and I don’t want to use real money on it, so I’m working hard to raise gold.  I sold basically everything I could, but I’m still just over 1000 gold.

The bows is cherry blossoms on a green vine, and you leave grass and blossoms everywhere you walk.  It’s GORGEOUS.  So, I have a goal.

I did spend real money on a mount because it looks like you can only get it from the Gem store:

gw185 crop

Lord of the Forest, am I right?  He’ll go SO well with the bow if I ever manage to get it!

We’ve been playing through the story line and really enjoying it.  We briefly partnered with another player for the final boss fight in Heart of Thorns – they saw us arrive, and they had tried ~10 times to beat the boss.

So, we all went in together.  I died about 1/2 through the fight and was then portaled to… a bird’s nest?  It was basically a cage where I could watch the fight but not get out to help.

Insanely frustrating.

The other player died very close to the end and joined me.

And then it was just my husband and his pet.

For 15 minutes, fighting by himself and dodging all over to avoid dying.


He rocks, seriously.

Now we’re going back and finishing some of the Living World segments we hadn’t finished.

Do you play any games?  What is your preferred console or do you play on the computer?  Any games you would recommend?  Inquiring minds want to know!