I Might Have Played a Lot of Guild Wars This Week

I've been depressed. And when I'm depressed all I do is sleep and play World vs. World in Guild Wars so that I can alternately troll and murder other players. My normal kills in a week is between 30 and 50, usually done Friday night with the whole guild. This last week I made 263 … Continue reading I Might Have Played a Lot of Guild Wars This Week

Just a Silly

We finished Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire! So the griffon mount quests became available. And it was a total pain, but... GRIFFONS! We got the griffons for my husband and I! See: And showing the pretty pattern from above: Not really news, and just a silly, but I'm pretty happy. Do you play MMORPGs? … Continue reading Just a Silly


Finally bought the bow I wanted in Guild Wars 2! I've coveted the Kudzu bow for several years, and now I have it! Take a look at those cherry blossoms: It shoots golden arrows that hit in explosions of flowers, and when I run I leave flower footprints behind me. Here's a close up of … Continue reading Kudzu