My Husband Is AMAZING

When I got up today, my husband was puttering around the garage, and the lawn was freshly mowed. I yelled hi at him and did my usual chores.

My dad stopped by and we ran an errand. He was still in the garage. I yelled that I was leaving and he yelled back okay.

I got home, and he was still in the garage. I yelled that I was home and sat down to sort out what seeds I’d be planting today.



Take a look:

DSCN4507 resize

My address is written on the seat foam, so I shooped that out.

I had a green gardening bench my amazing in-laws gifted me for my birthday one year, but last fall, when I was sitting on it, one of the metal legs bent in, and it hasn’t been stable or safe since.

Yes, I’m a tad fat.

Yes, I kept using it anyway.

But now… my honey made me a bench!!!

He copied the layout of the one I had, so you can flip it over and kneel on it too!

DSCN4508 resize

Is this not amazing? He made it entirely out of junk the previous owner left in the garage, and he stole the two cushions off the old one to put on the new one.

So happy!

What do you think of it?