Imma Bleed Money But It’s a Good Thing

In early March, I put in a commission request for Inawong on Deviant Art. They produce professional level work that I like, and a particular piece of theirs caught my eye. (Found here since I don’t want to steal their image.)

I gave a budget, a rough description of what I needed, and a request that it be for commercial use, where I laid out that usage and promised to credit in the novel and on my website with links to their work.

Then the pandemic hit, and there was no response.

Just my luck.

I checked a few other artists out, but none of them were taking commissions.

I tried again to do my own piece – HA!  Ha, ha, HA!


Tonight I got an email back~! Their price is within the range of what I said I could afford. I checked again to make sure they know this is for commercial use as an Indie author, and now I’m waiting to hear back.


But I’m also going to bleed money, so there’s that. Ugh. At least if I keep good records AND publish this year, I can put it as a business expense.