First Round of Revisions Complete!

I finished the type in of the revisions I’ve made on my ‘Ocooch: Still Water’ novel! This was just the first round of revisions with my Alpha readers who see my book at its worst. But that step is complete, and I’m sending it out to new readers for a second round of feed back and revisions.

So many revisions.

It went to beta readers on Thursday and Friday of last week, and now I’m crossing my fingers to see what they think.

Thank you to my Alpha readers for reading and giving me feedback! You’re amazing, and I really appreciate the time you sunk into this.

I have a solid 78,000 words, but it will be longer after revisions. I’ll be working on the novel to flesh out description because I know that’s a problem for me, and I’ll be using Margie Lawson’s class ‘Digging Deep into the Edits System‘. No affiliate links here!

Now, I have a MUCH older edition of the class – from 2014 or so, so I might consider buying it again! My copy has been stored badly, so I will probably have to print it out again regardless.

So, huzzah! I’ve moved a step forward on my novel, and now it’s hurry up and wait. *smile*

ocooch revision 1 complete