ITJFU: The Financial Diet YouTube Channel

Money is a controversial topic that inevitably makes people uncomfortable if you bring it up. No one wants to admit what they don’t know or mistakes they made. And it’s hard because did we learn to manage or finances from our parents? School? Friends? Not at all?

There ARE answers out there, and there are a variety of different gurus you can follow. I’m particularly fond of Dave Ramsey.

He’s pretty hardcore though, and not everyone likes him. Maybe his message isn’t fitting where you are in life.

Wherever you are, though, there are resources! You’re not alone, not even close to alone, if you’re stressed about money.

And here I get to the point. The YouTube channel The Financial Diet has answers to pretty much any question I’ve come up with. I find Chelsea to be relatable and easy to listen to, and I really, REALLY love that they discuss financial mistakes they’ve made too.

Like, they’re not playing the ‘I’m perfect listen to me!’ game. They break down what went wrong, their faulty reasoning, and how it blew up so you don’t have to make the same mistake.

There are videos for all areas of finance. Are you in debt? Videos. Struggling to budget or don’t have a budget? Videos. Investing? Videos. I like just browsing and listening to what interests me.

And there are a ton of little tangents they explore too.

So, if you have money questions, here’s the place to go. I can’t recommend this channel highly enough!