Hot Weather Working

I have a job that, this time of the year, is requiring I do a lot of ‘field work’. By which I mean, working outside in miserable weather.

Growing up in Texas, I learned a variety of tricks to handle this type of weather, and I have a good idea of when I’m heading into heat exhaustion and need to stop and cool off.

I’ve been bringing a cooler, with cooler packs in it, full of Powerade bottles. They’re a good option for dropping my temperature AND not getting dehydrated. It’s hot enough to blow through four of these between my husband and I and NOT have to stop somewhere to use the restroom.

I have a portable misting fan for when I’m waiting and the car isn’t yet on and blowing cool air.

I have a cooling neck wrap similar to this (from Amazon, no affiliate link).

I remember sun screen.

I wear wrap around dark glasses.

It’s STILL hot enough that we can only work five or so hours at a time. But work is getting done, which is helpful, even if it’s not as much as I’d like.

What tricks do you have for handling hot weather? What type of summer weather do you have where you live? Inquiring minds want to know!