Hot Weather Gardening

Weeds wait for no one, even when the weather is miserable.

Last year, my dad found a solution – he brought over his canopy tent, we brought a barn fan outside to blow on us, and we weeded comfortably despite 95 degree weather.

His canopy is on its last legs this year though, so I went shopping.

I bought this canopy at Walmart.

I was out of the house the day it arrived, and I came home to a canopy set up in our driveway. I wish I had gotten photos! My husband was very sweet and had taken it out of it’s box and assembled it to surprise me.

It’s lovely. It doesn’t have screen netting, but a barn fan is more than enough to keep mosquitoes off of me.

It can’t stay up in the rain – Dad discovered it would pool water and then tear.

But it’s perfect for weeding. I’ll have to take some photos next time I use it!

What hot weather weeding solutions have you found? How do you stand the heat? And the bugs? Inquiring minds want to know.