Royalty Soaps – I Couldn’t Resist

This month, when Royalty Soaps opened their shop, I was READY. I was refreshing the page, put the two soaps I wanted into my cart, tried to check out less than three minutes after open… and one of the soaps was already out of stock.

The other soap was fine though, and I added some samples. I’ve been waiting for this box for weeks, and I’m super excited that it arrived.

The neatest thing is that there are videos of her making the soaps I bought! She’s so charming, and I totally have a ‘will-you-be-my-friend-y/n’ crush on her. Her videos make me laugh on rough days, and seeing the notification pop up in my email that she’s put a new soap video up makes me perk up right away.

The large soap I picked was Succulent Planter:

DSCN4544 resize

It’s cute and smells very… green? Like a broken leaf stem. It has succulent embeds on top, but I didn’t catch a good photo of them through the plastic.

And then I picked a random sample pack that when it arrived had these:

DSCN4546 resize

You can find their videos here:

They smell so good! I actually like Tommy’s Sailboat’s scent the most. Tommy’s Sailboat is sold out now, of course, being from an earlier run of soaps. What I got was a piece of the end that was trimmed off.

Tommy’s Sailboat was a fundraiser soap for Tommy Tessier’s family.

So, I have soap! I’m almost afraid to touch it, it’s SO NICE. They smell so good! The embeds on Succulent Planter sweated, but melt and pour does that when it’s exposed to heat, and it spent at least a day sitting in our mailbox in the sun.

What kind of soaps do you like? Do you buy fancy soaps or are you more utilitarian in your choices? Inquiring minds want to know!