Goodbye to My Aunt

My aunt passed after a three year battle with cancer. She had lung cancer, we thought it was beat, it returned and spread. They got to a point where further treatment was futile and a struggle for her, and she stopped treatment.

We visited her a few times before Christmas, but then Covid came, and we were SO scared we would give it to her. My sister-in-law was traveling during that time, and we had dinner with her, saw my husband’s parents who had spent time with her, and we quarantined to be sure that we wouldn’t give it to my aunt even before things blew up.

We kept thinking as soon as we were done with quarantine we’d see her, but then everything melted down, and the numbers kept climbing, so we kept waiting and waiting and waiting to see her.

We waited too long, and she’s gone now. The last time we saw her she was still up and moving around, but we made sure to limit the time we spent there so we wouldn’t wear her out. We took photos, and I recorded some audio.

She was an amazing woman, a voracious reader who introduced me to so many series, and a big encouragement in my writing endeavors. She loaned me books, read my books, and read my novels.

When we moved north, and she realized I was a heavy reader, she asked my mom if she could loan/suggest books for me. Mom agreed of course. I’d already had free reign with reading whatever books I wanted from my parents’ collection.

When my family was the most broke, she sent holiday and birthday gift cards to Barnes and Noble to me in cards so I could buy books.

I always felt comfortable with her, like she knew me and liked me despite my flaws.

She and my uncle were a perfect fit for my husband’s personality – he liked going to visit them, and it was always low stress for him because they were so chill.

My uncle, her daughters, her grandchildren all survived her.

Goodbye to my aunt. We love you.




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  1. My SIL was the sister I never had. I always enjoyed visiting with her and she was a good listener. Whenever we went north we would visit and catch up and keep in touch in between times.

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