Clean ALL the Things!

So, there’s no photos here because I’m wiped.

I woke up today and went straight into a cleaning spree.

Washed all the dishes, wiped down counters, put items on counters away. Cleared and wiped down center island which is where I found the source of our Mysterious Smell.

That would be rotting onions in a bag on the counter.

Out with those!

Crushed cans, put items to recycle.

Then I went and folded and put away the linens from our camping experiment.

I sorted all the books from various parts of the house, cleaned my medicine desk, cleaned my personal desk, cleaned the work desk, and sorted paperwork and set it aside for filing.

Swept the bedroom, swept the living room, and put dog toys away.

Washed and ironed all the masks waiting to be cleaned.

And then I collapsed into a pile of elbows as my energy ran out.


2 thoughts on “Clean ALL the Things!

  1. If you have another cleaning urge, come on over, we won’t stop you from cleaning here.

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