Reorganizing My Pantry

I’ve been pretty lazy about my pantry lately. I’ve just put what I buy wherever it fits, which has caused annoyance when we can’t find things or buy things we already have. This is especially frustrating because we’re doing our best not to go out shopping because of the pandemic!

So I set aside a morning and sorted ALL THE FOOD!

These are some photos of the final result:

Rice in a canister, seafood, and home canned items to eat immediately:

DSCN4640 resize

Keto drinks, Keto baking supplies, extra dog food, and drinks:

DSCN4641 resize

Condiments, more Keto supplies, and gluten free baking supplies in the very top:

DSCN4642 resize

Canned beans, canned fruit, home canned fruit, canned soup on the middle shelf. 1/3 bucket of dried beans on the bottom left and gluten free flour bucket on the right:

DSCN4643 resize

The middle shelf again, then all tomato products – tomato sauce, salsa, canned tomatoes:

DSCN4644 resize

Corn items, popcorn, crackers, pickles, almond milk. In the far back are my Keto syrups for coffee, and on the far right are the suet blocks for the birds:

DSCN4645 resize

I stole space on my sewing shelves. Pasta on the top shelf, salt, sugar, spices on the bottom:

DSCN4646 resize

And finally, an odd category – all the dry, powdery things in ‘soft’ containers that puncture easily like mashed potatoes and soup:

DSCN4647 resize

I didn’t want to risk them getting torn open.

And that’s my dry foods, neatly sorted FINALLY. It’s letting us stretch how long we can last between visits to town, and it limits visits to perishables.

Food prices are climbing here, which is stressful, but at least this way we can avoid going over budget.

How do you have your pantry organized?