First Ever Customer Complaint

I have never complained to a store about their product. My mom has. My husband has. My brother has. But most of the time I just chill and deal with it. Or maybe write a rant on my blog and move on. **coughNintendocough** But, I can no longer say that as of today because my … Continue reading First Ever Customer Complaint

Food Prep!

Did some meal prep and thought you'd like to take a look. I used a variant of this recipe from Pioneer Woman but excluded the sweet peppers. I ended up with eight containers full after we had eaten some: And they juuuuust fit in the freezer.  This is right before I put the last two … Continue reading Food Prep!


I've discovered in shell salted peanuts, and I'm loving them.  I had never actually had them before, but we had them one night at my in-laws so I bought a bog. Now, Tundra ADORES peanuts and peanut butter and peanut flavored anything. So I tossed him a few (shelled) peanuts. They bounced off his face, … Continue reading Peanuts