Reorganizing My Pantry

I've been pretty lazy about my pantry lately. I've just put what I buy wherever it fits, which has caused annoyance when we can't find things or buy things we already have. This is especially frustrating because we're doing our best not to go out shopping because of the pandemic! So I set aside a … Continue reading Reorganizing My Pantry

Food Prep!

Did some meal prep and thought you'd like to take a look. I used a variant of this recipe from Pioneer Woman but excluded the sweet peppers. I ended up with eight containers full after we had eaten some: And they juuuuust fit in the freezer.  This is right before I put the last two … Continue reading Food Prep!


I've discovered in shell salted peanuts, and I'm loving them.  I had never actually had them before, but we had them one night at my in-laws so I bought a bog. Now, Tundra ADORES peanuts and peanut butter and peanut flavored anything. So I tossed him a few (shelled) peanuts. They bounced off his face, … Continue reading Peanuts