Oh, Wisconsin Weather

No photos here, just an anecdote. My parents needed a new roof and a new septic holding tank.

They solicited bids, and the holding tank went well. They tore up the lawn, and it’s all mud, but huzzah for being able to flush the toilet!

The roof, not quite as well.

They were waiting for the right roofing materials to come in, and it took a while. During this we had cool, dry weather for most of a month.

It comes in, and they start. They’ve removed most of the roofing… and we go into a rainy spell.

The freshly dug up lawn is a mud pit.

The roof is too slippery for them to work.

Now there’s roof leaks all over the house, and we’re desperately hoping that this coming week they’ll get it situated.

So, thank you Wisconsin.