Writing Trackers

Are you an author?

Forget all the snobby definitions of what you Must Have To Be An Author. If you write, you’re an author, and if you write more than once in a blue moon, a writing tracker is a HUGE HELP.

For years, I’ve fumbled along with my excel spreadsheets, constantly breaking them, but they worked.

Well, RJ Blain was kind enough to post a free Dropbox of the spreadsheet she uses! You can find it here. It only covers drafting though, so that’s a limitation.

If you need a spreadsheet that covers revisions as well, RJ Blain linked to one created by Jamie Raintree that you can find here. It costs $10, and you would need to buy a new one each year, but they’re much more extensive, and I decided to try this option for this year. (Even though it’s the end of the year.)

Take a look:

This is NOT an affiliate link.

I’ll let you know how it goes for me! And if you decide to use one or already use a tracker, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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