ITJFU: Micarah Tewers YouTuber

I adore Micarah Tewers’ YouTube channel. She’s charming, and quirky, and random, and she has a variety of birds/chickens/whatever that white one is. She makes ‘sewing tutorials’, but they’re more slice of life with random interrupts to her sewing? And she uses ridiculous measurements and gives silly instructions for them.

All of this is narrated in a snarky but sweet manner.


I can’t explain why I love her so much, but this YouTuber analyzed her rise to popularity astutely.

An example video is this one where she makes a fake head to copy Jared Leto’s look at an event:

She is good at sewing, and she has a good grasp of historical clothing styles as well which makes for some fun videos and a Little Women roast.

If you pick one person from my Interesting Things Just for You series to visit the YouTube page of… this is the one I would suggest.

Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Do you enjoy sewing – either modern or historical? Inquiring minds want to know!