ITJFU: Dollightful YouTuber

Another week of Interesting Things Just For You! I’ll look at three more YouTubers that I enjoy watching that I think you might enjoy as well.

Today’s video is on the Dollightful YouTube channel where we can watch doll face ups and, well, a variety of dismembering and re-assembling dolls in new and exciting ways.

As she puts it:

안녕~! (Annyeong!) Dollightful is a channel where old toys are transformed by the power of art into unique, one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you’re here for a tutorial, or just to laugh and have fun with the ups and downs of a creative process, there’s something here for everyone. “Come for the dolls, stay for the cats” as they say.

Dollightful YouTube Channel About Page

She buys dolls used that have been dumped at whatever ‘Goodwill’ equivalent there is in South Korea, and then uses them to make gorgeous dolls. This often involves a mix and match with heads and bodies, a LOT of epoxy, sewing, some 3D printing, a saw, and a gorgeous paint job.

Here’s a screen capture of her current collection she’s working on, all dragons:

The pink haired girl in the middle is intended to represent her and makes an appearance in every video.

But look at those Dragons! It’s clear that she cut the original dolls apart, and she created hinges and joints to allow their legs to bend back, 3D printing or epoxy to have cool dragon feet, and to lengthen or shorten their limbs.

Her work is gorgeous, and I love how relaxing listening to her is while I watch her create magic.

So, if you have a few minutes and want to be entertained, you can find her here!

Do you have any YouTube channels you regularly watch? What channels would you suggest? Inquiring minds want to know!