Off to the Apple Orchards!

It’s that time of year again, so my family and I have been going to the apple orchards.

We always go to the same orchard every year, and while the owner has moved to assisted living this year, the orchard is still open, albeit with a few strange faces.

We buy Honeycrisp apples usually, and I always look forward to getting caramel apples with  nuts. I usually get three so I don’t have to come back to the orchard mid week!  We also tend to get honey and maple syrup there.

This year was a little strange though. There were very few people. As in, my dad and I walked in and there was one woman manning the bakery and a woman standing at the check out and no one else.

No other customers.

Just us.

They remodeled recently, and so I’m wondering how they’ll be able to afford that with business being slammed like it is.

I would be more concerned about Corona Virus if there were people, but every time we’ve gone there has been nearly nobody. We wear our masks of course, but it’s eerie.

On the topic of apples, we planted apple trees in our backyard,  but we didn’t treat them for anything, so the apples got fly speck, and they rotted on the trees. We left them there because there was no way we were eating them and they were covered in wasps.


I saw a squirrel go running up our maple tree in the backyard with an apple in its mouth.

At least someone is eating our apples!

Do you have apple orchards where you live? Do you have apple trees? Are there any seasonal events that you feel you can’t go to due to the pandemic? Inquiring minds want to know!