Last Orchard Visit of the Season

We made our last stop at the apple orchards today for the season. Most of the building was closed, the bakery was closed, and apples were 2 for 1.

I have a lovely bit of apples to tide me over. I’ll probably make apple crisp although I’m working on ways to reduce the amount of sugar in it.

I bought some cider for taking my medications with. I need to have something strongly flavored and NOT fizzy to take them easily.

I had one last, sad, caramel apple.

And it snowed.

It was blustery and snowing lightly when we went today, and this evening the snow is starting to collect as a light dusting. It’s still fairly warm out, so I don’t expect it to stick, but Tundra was excited to see it.

It was cold enough that my tomato plants have browned and died.

So, farewell summer. This has been a hard year, and hopefully the next season will be better.