A Good Surprise, I Assure You

I woke up this morning to my phone chiming. I have it set to ping me if any transaction over a certain size passes through our bank accounts.

I had a deposit.

I had a deposit from SSA on a day that is not my deposit day.

It didn’t match any amounts I should have deposited at any point in the month. It was clearly from SSA.

Commence the phone calls. I looked up the Lancaster Social Security Office and spoke to a nice gentleman who laughed and said he’d never gotten a call from someone complaining about receiving money before.


I called Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA.


He got me the phone number for Lancaster, WISCONSIN thankfully, and I tried that number.

The woman who picked up was hugely helpful – there had been a payment error in that they didn’t calculate my monthly benefit correctly, and they were remedying this with a deposit.

She said this was the first time someone had called so quickly, and they do the change first and THEN send out mail explaining why.

So it was good news! I had a bit extra to put towards places where our budget was straining, and I really appreciate that.

But it was a stressful half hour, I tell you, trying to figure out what had gone wrong!