Do You Have Room for a Pickled Plum on Your Back?

Inspired by watching ‘Fruits Basket‘, I ordered an onigiri (rice ball) mold.

This one to be precise:

You can find it HERE on Amazon.

I’ve traditionally made onigiri with my hands, but the heat is painful, even when using a ziplock bag, and they’re much larger than they should be.

So, on a night that I wasn’t feeling up to cooking a full dinner, I pulled out a can of tuna. I added mayonnaise and cracked black pepper to it, and I started the rice maker.

The mold was easy to use – fill it about halfway with rice, put a dollop of tuna, fill it the rest of the way, and then press the cover into it to press it all together.

Remove the cover and flip it over a plate. Press on the flexible sections on the bottom and the onigiri drops right out.

I cut up some nori (dried seaweed sheets) and wrapped pieces around each of them, and huzzah! Dinner.

A photo:

I ate four of them and ended up sharing the last two with Tundra since my husband doesn’t like mayo.

There’s a little peg you can put in to leave a divot for you to press a pickled plum or some such into the onigiri, but I pulled these out.

I think next time I’ll roll them in furikake seasoning after I wrap them – it’s a type of sesame seed/seaweed/spice mix that is really tasty on rice.

Do you enjoy onigiri? Have you made them before? Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Room for a Pickled Plum on Your Back?

  1. your mold looks nicer then mine. I have a mold I bought but your end product looks way better.

    1. It worked a lot better than the one I used to have, and it was cheap enough that I was willing to try it. The flexible part allowing you to push the onigiri out was a huge help in how they looked.

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