ITJFU: TA Outdoors YouTube Channel

Okay, I’m just going to say that I’m in love with this channel. I desperately wish I were healthy enough and had land to try to build these structures!!!

What channel? TA Outdoors found here, and they build a variety of old fashioned structures. Think medieval hut or Viking long house as items that are particularly interesting to me.

My favorite video so far was this one for building a medieval house. This channel is SO up my alley with making your own house and old methods of doing things. I was in the SCA for a while, but there aren’t any local groups now that I live in the middle of nowhere.

Some stills from the video. Please note that these stills are ALL copyright TA Outdoors, and I’m only sharing them to entice you into visiting their page. Which you should Because they’re awesome!

Framing up:

Beginning the roof:

More roof work:

Mud daub:

And complete:

So much fun to watch!

And their main page:

Do you enjoy watching this type of content? Inquiring minds want to know!