Book Release Back End – A Brief (And Expensive!) Checklist

I’m looking at releasing my novel, ‘Still Water’, in July of this year, and while that’s super exciting and all there’s a lot going on on the back end side of things right now.

I am in final stages of revision before it goes to proof readers, but these are more technical things on my To Do List. I’m including some of those items here for your entertainment.

  1. First: Get a copyright. While this may not be the FIRST thing I do, since the manuscript has to be complete first, it is one of the most important parts. I’m going HERE to get that done. Total Cost: $45
  2. Second: Get an ISBN. I’m looking at buying a pack of 10 because it turns out that every version of your book needs its own ISBN number. I’m going HERE to get that done. Total Cost: $295
  3. Third: Get a barcode. I have to have an ISBN before I can do this part. This item isn’t nearly as vital as the other items on my list because you don’t actually NEED a barcode to release. However, I want to make it easy in case someone wants to *gasp* put it in their store! Yeah, not happening, but I’m still getting one. I’m going HERE to get that done. Total Cost: $25

Not cheap!

These costs are ignoring the cost of my cover ($600), the beta reader website I use ($15/month), and the website I use to do my cover layout and marketing and such ($100/year).

If I break even it will be a MIRACLE, especially since I intend to do a ‘soft’ release where I drop it and just tell friends and family it’s out. I don’t intend to do any marketing until I have a second book ready to drop.

What kind of costs do you think I might be missing? Inquiring minds want to know!